Yellow Brick Estates is a property development company with a professional team that has over 15 years of experience.  We work together with professionals from a variety of business sectors to confront and address the lack of good quality homes in the UK.


      We are committed to creating, designing, and implementing the highest quality housing for our diverse group of buyers. We have an unmatched reputation for delivering the very highest standards of service to our ever-growing portfolio of real estate projects in the UK.


    Here at Yellow Brick Estates we invest ourselves into making the perfect home for you. Endless research, planning, and coordination goes into creating our living spaces. Our expert in-house team consists of all manner of professions, from Architects all the way to Maintenance, in order to bring our clients the best modern homes on the market, in sustainable and desirable locations.


   Choosing a place to live is one of the most important decisions of our lives – and we at Yellow Brick Estates take that just as seriously as you do.

Yellow Brick Estates (UK) Limited 2020